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The Mole: Season 2 / Final Mission [Oct. 9th, 2008|12:51 pm]
One Shot Games



Welcome to Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

Yeah, this mission is nearly identical to the latest Big Brother Power of Veto, but you know what? Deal with it! I'm extremely busy, and we all know I shouldn't have hosted this game in the first place, but out of my love for you, I'm pressing on with it because I do not quit and I do not want to rob you guys of a finished season. So what exactly will you be doing? It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is snap a picture of an item that I tell you to find in your house. Everyone will be finding a different item, so there's no cheating here.

You will upload the picture, and then e-mail the link to where it's hosted. Now, if you do not have access to a camera on your cell-phone or even a digital camera, you can opt to have someone else do this for you because the four of you will be taking a picture in some sort of fashion. If you can do the competition, you must do it, and in the event someone does do this for you, they cannot be someone that has played in the game this season. If you’re confused as to what your picture should look like, check out the example that I snapped:

That’s all you have to do! If after 5 minutes I have not received an e-mail from you -- you will be disqualified. If the four of you pass, there will be four dollars added to the pot, bringing the grand total this season to $18, when it could have been close to $80. If even one of you fails, the pot will be deducted by $4. If you saw the subject line, then you noticed that this is the final mission. Yes, there will be no F3, it's a F4. Two people will bite the dust, one will be the winner, and The Mole will come out. Any questions? You know where to reach me.

Recap of the Rules:
1. If you don't have picture abilities, get someone to do it.
2. If you do get someone to do it, they cannot be apart of the The Mole 2 cast.
3. E-mail your link to thesecondmole@gmail.com.
4. IM me when you're ready.


Sunday, October 12th @ NOON EST

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[User Picture]From: hogiehut
2008-10-21 09:11 pm (UTC)
don't you dare go *cricket* though ;-)
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